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Welcome to Triathlon Tips, we’re dedicated to helping you improve all aspects of your triathlon, from those of us that only swim once a week to the athletes that get a rush from racing in Triathlons.


Whether you’re looking to improve your swimming, cycling, running or just your mental ability we’re sure you’ll find our tips, drills and professional training plans indispensable.


We try to encourage a community feel so feel free to leave a comment on any of our pages, if we get enough we might even start a forum.


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Triathlon Tips


Here’s a few of our favorite tips to make sure your race is not only more pleasant, but more memorable:

  • Triathlon Tips – Practice, Practice, Practice
  • This really goes without saying for most people, but we couldn’t help but include it. You need to get as much realistic practice as possible, so that means if your Triathlon involves an open water swim – practice in the open water! Or if its a sprint – practice a sprint Triathlon.


    You want your training sessions to be as realistic as possible, so try and find somewhere where you can actually practice a Triathlon rather than only a single swim, run or cycle, obviously open water places will suit this better. Furthermore the really prepared athletes will track down the race map and often do a trial race beforehand, if this option is open to you we highly recommend it.


  • Triathlon Tips – Make a plan
  • This is one of the most important tips can give you, since making plan not only gives you a goal but sets apart how you’re going to achieve it. If you don’t already have a plan, you can download one here.


  • Triathlon Tips – Invest in good equipment
  • While having the most expensive trainers, bike and swimming cap aren’t necessary, having the best trainers, bike and cap for YOU will make a massive difference. Remember you will be absolutely dependent on your equipment to actually enable you to make it through the race, so you should visit a local retailer and actually try these out before you buy.


  • Triathlon Tips – Rest & Food
  • Finding your training times are hitting a plateau? Perhaps your over training, or simply not resting and eating enough. Your body needs to rest and be catered for so make sure you feed yourself with good food and you get enough rest for your body to totally repair so our first Triathlon tip is get plenty of rest and food.


  • Triathlon Tips – Look after your thighs!
  • Your bike seat can be an enemy when it comes to the cycle section, especially in half and full Ironmans, make sure to not only wear cycle shorts, but invest in body glide.


  • Triathlon Tips – Don’t get race testosterone
  • In a race (particularly your first few) its easy to let your cave man attitude get the better of you, as you take it personally when the pack sails past you at the beginning. Remember your training and keep your target times in mind, not beating the guy in yellow…


  • Triathlon Tips – Make sure to remember ALL of your equipment
  • I know everyone thinks they have this sorted, but ensure you write a list with everything you need come race day at least week prior to the race. And the night before collect everything and put it in front of your door so you don’t forget a thing!


  • Triathlon Tips – Go through your transitions
  • If you practice an actual triathlon beforehand, this will come naturally but its interesting how much time can be saved through practicing transitions. Do this and you’ll be thank-full come race day.


  • Triathlon Tips – What happens if your bike goes wrong?
  • Do you know how to fix a puncture? Well! You should certainly learn how as this can happen and you don’t want to give up just because of a punctured tire. Remember your only as strong as your weakest link.


  • Triathlon Tips

    – Enjoy your day

  • Remember out of all the people that would love to complete their first Triathlon most will end up not doing it, commit to your triathlon and make race day your day. Enjoy it, you deserved it.

I hope you enjoyed my Triathlon Tips, the sites still fairly new but I hope to keep adding to it as time goes by, feel free to get into contact by following the link here: Contact page



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