Argon Bikes

Triathlon Bikes From Canada


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Argon Bikes, or Argon 18 as their company name goes have been manufacturing bikes since 1989 and specialise in providing high quality bikes in the following ranges:

    Argon Bikes

    Argon Bikes

    Bike Ranges


  • Road
  • Argon claim their road bikes are “light, comfortable and rigid” which are three elements road cyclists need to enable them to cycle further and faster with less effort. Argons road bikes include the “Gallium”, “Kyrpton” and “Radon” (No your not watching superman, these are their actual names!)


  • Triathlon
  • Argon bikes are quickly becoming associated with Triathlons due to their large presence in the market and in races, offering bikes with a strong essence of stability, Argon offer bikes such as the “E-114″, “E-112″ and “E-80″.


  • Clyclocross
  • If like many you haven’t heard of the Cyclocross this is essentially a race round a short track with many laps with the track having varying features such as woodland trails, steep hills (its common to see racers carrying their bikes up these hills), obstacles and pavement. Argons Cyclocross bikes are made with a full carbon frame matching the needs of the athletes completing these races. Argon bikes include the Arsenic


  • Track
  • Made with very stiff frames Argons track bikes are designed with the strain the track tension adds to bikes with features such as a tight wheelbase in mind argon bikes include three continental versions of the Electron.


  • High Performance Hybrids
  • These bikes look like normal road bikes with a slight twist, this comes in the form that they can handle the practical obstacle most road bikes can’t so bikes such as the Cobal are ideal for commuting.


  • Junior
  • Argons quality stretches into their youth bikes, with smaller sized frames, cranks and wheel lengths suited to smaller riders. You’ll found many top youth riders choose argon bikes such as the Xenon 650 and 24.


Argon Bikes


Argon logoArgon bikes come from Montreal Canada (hence why their official website is in French!) and where started by a chap called Gervais Rioux (also a French Canadian). The businesses name alike their products are typically elements from earth or space which combine to create a high tech feeling to their brand.

Argon have a high presence in a multitude of bike markets partly due to creating a large rang of bikes to suit most enthusiasts needs and partly due to sponsoring and endorsing a large amount of both national and international events/riders including the Canadian pro cycling team.


Argon bikes are now available worldwide from retails in Europe, America, Asia and Australasia.


The following video is a short promo for Argon highlighting their use of wind tunnels.





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