• The Arms
  • Your hands should enter the water flat with your fingers closed to maximize arm power.


    To see what we have just spoken about in video form watch the following video front crawl technique:


    You should really get an ideal form in your mind of how the front crawl should look and visualize this when swimming to maximize your technique.


    The following clip shows an swimmer with an almost perfect front crawl technique the video is shot from beneath the swimmers and it really highlights the technical points we just spoke about:


    You should be able to see the swimmers body, arm and head movement aligned just right for the stroke.


    Use A Coach


    Learning perfect front crawl technique can only really be done with the use of a quality coach, if your looking for a quality coach (you can take with you anywhere!) we highly recommend National Swim Coach – Master Front Crawl (Freestyle).


    Front Crawl Technique

    The Benefits Of Front Crawl


    Front crawl really stands out for its speed and power, with most of the effort being provided through the leg power (unlike the breaststroke) so you may find your thighs hurting the next day! Swimming Front crawl requires more effort than the Breaststroke and allows you to swim further in less time, its preferred as a stroke for fitness since it requires much more energy and leaves swimmers really feeling they’ve had a workout! Please note during longer races swimmers typically don’t really optimize the kick power until later within the race (conserving power and energy).


    Focusing On Front Crawl Too Early
    Make sure you can swim good Breaststroke before moving onto Front Crawl Technique this is because the confidence you gain after you can swim Breaststroke will rub off onto your Front Crawl, you’ll be a lot less nervous and really ready to move on.


    I hope you’ve enjoyed my page on Front Crawl Technique, if you have any comments or questions use the Disqus comment box below!



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