How To Train For A Triathlon

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How to train for a triathlon


When looking to find out how to train for a triathlon its important to remember typically Triathletes originate from one of the three triathlon aspects, rather than entering the triathlon experience fully experienced in all three aspects.


However unlike a single exercise like jogging or cycling it maybe impractical to train each aspect (swimming, cycling, jogging) in one practice session.


So one of the first hurdles you need to pass in finding out how to train for a triathlon is while you can’t always train the three together you can often train cycling followed by running. So when you look at it from this angle it looks a lot nicer! And then you only have to train for the swim and you have all three down. Personally I find it much easier to train with a plan take a look at the Triathlon Dominator if your interested.


However often training all three aspects together can be completed easier than you think, first you can try swimming in a pool and after changing fast without wasting time in the changing room (such as showering, there’s no point since you’ll be doing more exercising) having you bike pre parked outside you’ll be able to go cycling straight after and then after chaining your bike up you can easily go running after in a circular run leaving you back at your bike.


Personally I’d prefer the approach to training in that you start by doing very small triathlons and then build them up, rather than training each section independently or by only doing two together, as that way you just don’t get the same feel for the difficulty factor.


How To Train For A Triathlon

Further Tips

  • How To Train For A Triathlon – Train with friends
  • This is a great motivational tip specially if they’ll be racing with you! (and if there not make sure to get them on board!)


  • How To Train For A Triathlon – Ensure you have a race date in mind
  • Having a final date planned for your race is a sure fire way to laser target your training!


  • How To Train For A Triathlon – Talk to other triathletes
  • Talking to other people that have already run Triathlons is great way to reduce your fears and get you excited about the impending race day!


  • How To Train For A Triathlon – Enjoy the training!
  • You don’t have to reduce yourself to a sobering blog on every train day! Enjoy it and you’ll be much more likely to keep persistent in your training.


  • How To Train For A Triathlon

    Purchase a training program

  • Training programs are a great way to help you understand how to train for a triathlon in terms of personalized beginner training and eating plans and programs such as Triathlon Dominator really go the extra mile even offering personal support to answer any questions beginners (or even the experienced!) may have.


Hopefully thats answered some of your questions when it comes to learning how to train for a triathlon, if you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch! And remember persistence is the key!
Training for a triathlon - Swimmers


Training for a triathlon can not only be daunting but psychically and mentally enduring.


However there is an easier away to approach training which will make it not only easier and more enjoyable but will vastly improve your race times.


Get access to the triathlon dominator by visiting one of the links above – you’ll be racing past your competitors come race day!


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