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MyCycling ProgramOrbea bikes are a Spanish company who began producing bicycles in the 1930s after 90 years of making Rifles and Guns. Orbea have now become known as one of the top producers of quality bikes within the Trekking, Mountain, Road and Triathlon market.


Orbea bikes internationally sponsor a wide range of riders and teams including the USA Herring Gas team, and are continually used to win international racing events by some of the worlds top riders.




Orbea Bikes

Orbea Triathlon Bikes


Orbea bikes currently offer two different tri bike ranges, the “Ordu” and the “Ora”.


The Ordu really is one of the finest Triathlon bikes your find. Used by Craig Alexander successfully to win two consecutive Ironman world championships, the Ordu has probably been used to win almost every Triathlon in north America. A highly aerodynamic bike designed for climbing and sprinting the Ordu continues to be the bike of choice for the worlds finest Triatheltes.


There are currently six bikes in the range, ranging from the Ordu SLT entry bike (retailing at $3,299) to the Orbea flagship bike the Ordu GDI2 ($10,999) used by Craig. Further bikes under the Ordu range include the GRD, GDR, GLT and SDR. Orbea’s USA president recently discussed the Ordu bike on video watch it above.






Orbea Bikes

Orbea Mountain Bikes


Orbea offer a range of full and half MTB bikes with its flagship being the Alma G Team containing the first four vertex front frame ridden by Julien Absalon (twice Olympic champion and four time world champion). Orbea’s Mountain bikes continue to attract the best riders, other notable MTB bikes include the Alma 29er H50 a lightweight stiff mountain bike designed for greater stability and control. Orbeas full suspension mountain bikes include the Rallon X10 designed for all mountain use the Rallon is designed for exceptional suspension performance whether pedalling, climbing or descending.



Orbea Bikes

Orbea Road bikes



Orbea BikesOrbeas road bikes really shine against competitors, with the flagship road bike the GDi2 selling for $11,274. Although you may avoid remortgaging your house for a bike and keep the money instead the bike does provide elite racers with the best of the best.


Orbea bikes official website writes “We have tried to create the bike of our dreams, of your dreams. And we have created realities. Breathe deeply, it’s just a bike.”


However, thankfully Orbea also offer cheap road bikes such as the Aqua T23 (retailing at $799) and the Aqua TTG road bike ($1249) these bikes also provide lightweight stiff frames ideal for leisure road cycling. Orbea also offer a range of bikes between including the Onix range designed for those serious enough to desire a top quality road bike but who don’t intend to sell their house.


Orbea Bikes

Orbea Trekking Bikes


The last section we will be discussing Orbea trekking bikes, these are bikes are also known as “Hyrbids” and combine features to allow the bike be ridden over both roads and trails (although they typically can’t handle real mud and rock like Mountain bikes). Orbea bikes trekking range include the Cross Sport, Speed, Endurance Sport, Equipped leisure and a folding bike. Each bike is slightly different to the next depending on its particular specifications designed to give any cycling enthusiast a perfect bike despite their specialisation.





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