Proper Running Form

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If you’re looking for step by step running plans, advice and information for beginners looking to get into running, I highly recommend:


How To Start Running


Perfecting proper running form can dramatically reduce potential injury while making running easier allowing for longer and faster runs.






Proper running form

Keep the following in mind:


  • General Tips
  • Essentially you need to keep relaxed and use your body as efficiently as possible, as you run further and begin to tire you will naturally become more rigid so be aware of this and remember to relax!


  • Head, Neck and Shoulders
  • Avoid looking down as this puts strain onto your neck keep your head pointing forwards. Keep your shoulders relaxed and low, these often rise as if your stressed as you go further so shake em out!


  • Back and Arms
  • Keep a good upright posture with a straight spine. Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle and let them swing naturally with gently closed hands (again avoid griping tight fists!).


  • Hips and Feet
  • Keep your hips centered and pointed forwards your feet should be directly below your knees as they hit the floor. You should land lightly on the middle to the balls of your feet and then after landing allow your feet to roll forward finally ending with a pushing off your toes.


    Also ensure your feet soles strike the ground evenly.


The following video goes into how proper running form differs between the type of running you perform:


Proper Running Form

– Key notes from the video include:


– Each different type of  running has their own “ideal” when it comes to perfect form.


– When running long and middle distances your ideal so be to maximize efficiency so you should keep a loose relaxed body with arms tucked into the side and a neutral head position avoiding any lean.


– Sprint running needs to be as powerful as possible within a short distance so power is preferred over efficiency.


Ensure you have a proper running form, and you’ll maximize the benefits gained from running whilst reducing potentially injury.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my page on proper running form, feel free to get in touch to let me know your thoughts. Or if your looking to vastly improve your running in as short time as possible I recommend How To Start Running With Proper Running Form







Proper Running Form



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